The Importance Of Customer Servicing

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1 Practical form (1) of Excellent Customer Servicing varies from Industry to Industry and broadly speaking it’s converting a Customer Interaction into Customer Satisfaction.
2 It’s true that Customer satisfaction is dependent on the deliverable, but after the Customer has made a choice between products/service providers. It’s up to you to provide excellent Customer Servicing (2)
3 You who are working in your respective industries/Customers know better (3) than anyone on what is considered a good Customer Servicing is in your area of concern or what are the standards your Organizations use to measure Customer Satisfaction.
Detail Notes
(1) Through this course we will be talking about the real work that goes on when dealing with a Customer.
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Your concern is Customer satisfaction. Deliverables are not always a part of your Circle of Influence but excellent Customer Servicing is the core of your Circle of Influence, exercise to its utmost.
(3) During my work i have come across courses, training or education pertaining to Customer service and Management advices ,that mostly revolves around the clichés like Patience, helpful, empathy, listening, problem solving, etc. I am not here to tell you all that, it's for you to figure out from the course, on what is the best way to do your work and how you can achieve it better, efficiently than you are doing it till now. Society is designed to adopt the most efficient, let's give Darwin the results he
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(3) Tell us, teach us, and enlighten us with what you know.

•Customer servicing is the way in which a Customer’s needs are processed. Broadly speaking it’s the path from the first Contact to Providing the Quality deliverable (Product/Service) to the Customer’s Satisfaction/Expectation (1).
•Customer Servicing , becomes more important where servicing the Customer’s needs requires a lot of work before the First Contact, during the interaction, till the Customer’s needs are met and then some more effort to build a rapport to do this all over again and again.(2)
•Customer Servicing is one of the differentiating factor (3) in the Dynamic Business World, that can make or break the Customer’s relation with a Business in the long-term and makes your Work easy or hard going forward if that Customer comes back (Perception issues we will cover under Types of Customers).
Detail notes:-
(1) Any request, query, requirement, assistance need is the reason Client is contacting you. Resolution is to reach the necessary conclusions, and it's the customer's acceptance of this logical conclusion is considered the
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