The Importance Of Cultural Theory And Popular Culture

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The projects associated with cultural studies endeavored to make sense of the specific condition of Britain after the second world war, in terms of new forms of mass culture as the locus for the cultivation of forms of individual identity and in light of the restructuring of British social democracy and the dissipation of left politics.

Sometime in the late eighties and early nineties, intellectual common sense in the US came to reflect a consensus that everything was political. Voices raised from a variety of sectors joined in the observation that culture had become political and politics cultural. In the words of Sheldon Wolin, "It is hard to think of an action, much less a relationship, that someone has not declared
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Culture is a process of intellectual, spiritual, and aesthetic development that can also be the particular way of life for a group or a time period that is often manifested through the works and practices of intellectual and especially artistic activity. Culture exists in high post because ideology is a core component of cultural studies.

Popular culture may be: That culture that is liked by many people. The culture left over after society has decided what high culture is. Culture aimed at a mass audience (this often suggests that popular culture is inherently commercial in nature). Culture that originates from the people rather than imposed upon them by cultural elites and the above. Culture that is the domain of an ongoing aesthetic debate between dominant and lower classes; Virtually indistinct from high culture, in the postmodern view Regardless of what definition one chooses to use, popular culture is a form of culture that comes into prominence after the Industrial Revolution. Moreover, popular culture is historically variable and different theoretical perspectives have focused on different elements of
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