The Importance Of Cultural Intelligence And Emotional Intelligence

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It is important that we take the time and take cultural competency and emotional intelligent tests. We need to understand who we are as individuals. When we hit this milestone in our lives, it helps us to not only become stronger, but to teach us more on how we can be independent and survive. While we take time and learn about others, it is important that we take more time to learn about ourselves. It may sound selfish at first, but in reality we need to rely more on ourselves because who we are as a person can help discover our character and how we learn. Learning about others is interesting, but being able to learn more about us is realistic. It is important that we understand that culture is powerful. It is powerful because it effects…show more content…
However, emotional intelligence picks up where cultural intelligence leaves off and that can be confusing to some. After taking these two types of tests, you will understand why. When I took my cultural intelligence tests, my score was pretty high and that was surprising on my end. Globalization has resulted in the need for not only competent leaders but also leaders who have high levels of cultural intelligence (Little, 2012, para.1). When I look more into it, I come to realize that I do remain true to all types of groups. I make a great leader because I am not only accepting, but because I am opened to ideas and wanting to learn how to connect with others who are from different places around the world. When I took the emotional intelligence test I was a little surprise with my results. I leaned toward the introvert side which caused my results to lower and that is okay. I just know that I have some stuff to work on. I find it interesting that emotional intelligence manages behavior and social complexities. The emotional intelligence has generated considerable interest over the last few years and has become a standard concept in general and applied psychology, as well as in applied business settings (Pan, 2010, para.1). This survey is more common and colleagues are asked to take this type of survey so employers can learn more about the employees and their work performance. Two of the most important things we need to learn about emotional intelligence
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