The Importance Of Cultural Identity

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To begin with, culture is something that may change evolve within time but culture is something that come with your heritage or your ethnicity the traditions and things that happen that make up your culture like how your parents raised you are culture. In the informational text “ What is cultural identity” by Elise Trumbull and Maria Pacheco, and in the personal essay “Ethnic Hash” by Patricia Williams, there are similarities and differences in how each writer conveys their message about cultural identity. Based upon their research, Trumbull and Pacheco present the idea that culture changes and that it will never stay the same, while Williams uses her personal experience to develop the idea that many things influence cultural inheritage but does not define the culture. Each of the authors’ present a unique perspective about cultural identity, though there are similarities and differences in how they convey their message. To start off, there are similarities in how the authors’ convey their message about a person’s cultural identity. Therefore, a similarity that both authors share is how they both connect heritage and ethnicity to the central idea. Like Trumbull stated, “living inside a culture allows members to become familiar with the total cultural heritage of that society, no individual actually internalizes the entire cultural heritage,”(Trumbull, P.8). Also like Williams had stated,” Do I even have an ethnicity? I wondered. It was like suddenly discovering you might not have a belly button. I tell you, I had to go to the dictionary. What were the flavors, accents, and linguistic trills that were passed down to me over the ages?”,( Williams, P.1). They both talk about the heritage and how it affects the culture because like ... ... middle of paper ... ... which was fascinating to her because she was interested and admired her past cultures and she wanted to know what they did and everything about their cultures and traditions. In conclusion, differences in presentation of the perspectives clearly exists, each author was successful in conveying their message. To start off, They both had very informational and entertaining articles but they both were very good on how heritage and ethnicity would impact the culture a lot. Trumbull was most successful in conveying her central idea regarding cultural identity through the use of facts, While Williams’ use of figurative language and sensory details and opinions was most effective in the development of her perspective. Overall, each text strived to give the readers a good understanding of culture and how everyones’ heritage and their ethnicity would impact the culture.
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