The Importance Of Cultural Identity

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It is quite apparent that each and every person is different from one another. There are many reasons for these dissimilarities. One reason for these disparities is because of their cultural background. A person’s background and childhood experience is what sets everyone apart from one another since it is quite absurd for more than one person to be raised the same. Meaning each individual is unique and their culture has a different impact on them. In some individuals their culture affects them heavily while others not so much. This can be seen by observing a person’s actions and presence. The identity of a person is the appearance a person portrays to the world around them. Which includes all visible features of a person from their clothing…show more content…
Moving along, not only does culture affect the physical characteristics of a person but also their ideology. The beliefs and norms of a person are based on their cultural background. Furthermore, understanding that culture is the main premise of a person’s identity specifically their cultural identity is essential. Cultural identity is defined by Amy Baskin “as the perception of belonging to a group of culture” (Baskin). Meaning that cultural identity often times links people to their heritage and others who have similar traditions. Acknowledging that there is a diverse amount of cultural identities is important any many careers. For instance, teaching is one of many fields that is in constant interaction with a diverse mix of individuals. Understanding cultural identities in this specific field is critical to the success of both teachers and students. The role of teachers is to make a student feel welcomed into a classroom by accepting different ideas and practices. Nonetheless, there is a significant number of influences that impact a person’s cultural identities. In my personal experience my family, religion, media, friends, and education have had a profound influence on my cultural…show more content…
Although there is a possibility of similarities among each other they are still unique. A person’s cultural identity is what sets them apart from everybody else. Having a strong cultural identity is fundamental to the development of each person. The reason is because it gives everyone a sense of their own culture and belonging to a particular group. Our cultural identity is shaped by everything that surrounds us. In my experience I have adapted my own sense of cultural identity from my family, religion, media, peers, and school. Although each vary from one another they have all helped me develop different aspects of who I am today. Rules were executed by my parents for me to follow. The rules were designed to teach me discipline. Similarly, my religion has taught me how to determine right from wrong. For instance, the bible is the best reference in providing clear examples between what is morally correct or not. Likewise, media is a powerful tool that can either communicate a positive or negative message. The media has taught me to think more critically and be tolerant as media is often bias. Comparable to media are the friends I choose to socialize with. I learned to become more openly towards others once I started to socialize with different people. In the same way school has better prepared me for my future. The diversity at my school has taught me to become more respectful towards others. As a matter of fact, my
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