The Importance Of Cultural Identity

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It is quite apparent that each and every person is different from one another. There are many reasons for these dissimilarities. One reason for these disparities is because of their cultural background. A person’s background and childhood experience is what sets everyone apart from one another since it is quite absurd for more than one person to be raised the same. Meaning each individual is unique and their culture has a different impact on them. In some individuals their culture affects them heavily while others not so much. This can be seen by observing a person’s actions and presence. The identity of a person is the appearance a person portrays to the world around them. Which includes all visible features of a person from their clothing to grooming in other words their self-image. Culture often times shapes a person to become who they are today as well determine who they choose to associate with. Moving along, not only does culture affect the physical characteristics of a person but also their ideology. The beliefs and norms of a person are based on their cultural background. Furthermore, understanding that culture is the main premise of a person’s identity specifically their cultural identity is essential. Cultural identity is defined by Amy Baskin “as the perception of belonging to a group of culture” (Baskin). Meaning that cultural identity often times links people to their heritage and others who have similar traditions. Acknowledging that there is a diverse amount of cultural identities is important any many careers. For instance, teaching is one of many fields that is in constant interaction with a diverse mix of individuals. Understanding cultural identities in this specific field is critical to the success of both... ... middle of paper ... ...y towards others once I started to socialize with different people. In the same way school has better prepared me for my future. The diversity at my school has taught me to become more respectful towards others. As a matter of fact, my knowledge of cultural identity will further enable me to be better prepared for my future career. As a future educator it is crucial to be aware of the mix diversity I may experience in my classroom. I have to be cautious of not committing any bias in my classroom atmosphere. Being knowledgeable about others being from different backgrounds. Making each student aware they are all unique because of their cultural roots is important. As a future educator one of our task should be to uncap the full potential of each student. All in all, my background has influenced the type of person I am and also of the teacher I hope to become.
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