The Importance Of Cultural Content Based Curriculum

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One of the best ways of verifying the necessity of cultural content based curriculum in language education is beginning with what curriculum is. Curriculum refers identified educational purposes, teacher implementations, educational materials, content and means which should be achieved by a specific learner group during a specific period and evaluation of them. In second language education, it sometimes refers to purposes and implementations based on grammar and four language skills, and a specific content such as culture-based content language teaching another time.
Cultural content should be a natural concomitant in language curriculum since culture and language are intertwined and also it is a necessity to be able to make a meaningful communication
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Course Books In almost all foreign language classrooms, the course book is one of the most vital materials because it determines the flow of the language teaching and the teaching method. Even if the importance of the course books is so apparent, language teachers need to be careful about the determining which course book is to be dealt. Rahmi and Hassani, according to their citation from Cunningsworth (1995), states that course books’ vitality comes from its function in the language course as a source of activities and ideas for student practice, simulation and communicative interaction as well as a reference source for grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary (p. 31). Moreover, course books serve language classrooms as direct or indirect communication examples of cultural and social valuations. Even if it serves hidden, it can influence the teaching materials, content and the whole curriculum (p.90). Liton (2013) supports this idea saying authentic coursebook is a highly important factor to develop and implement language teaching-learning practices according to the real life situations and to meet social purpose of the…show more content…
(2012) remark that even if there are remarkable changes and advances in teaching thanks to new technologies, textbooks have a critical effect in the process of second language teaching and learning since they decide the methodology and they are tangible materials for teachers and students being under their hands as an effective reference. A good course book will guide for deciding and interpreting teaching standards, setting curriculum and providing a good cultural content. Course books also provide practice tests or questions to help students to be prepared for school exams and real life situations.
While exploring about different ways and a variety of various views about culture teaching, we often encounter that textbooks have a major influence upon the success or failure of that culture based language process. Even inexperienced or poorly trained teachers can do their best with well-prepared course books since these kinds of books serve as a good source of methodology which the teachers will fallow and it is like a trainer for them. Being well equipped with culturally-conditioned speech patterns of the target community they are effective in transmitting the culture of the target
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