The Importance Of Cuban Relationship

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Cuban connection is a term in my family that refers to all of the Cubans getting on the phone and telling each other everything, nothing is secret but if you are ever in need the entire Cuban connection will be in the waiting room with rosaries and casseroles. This summer I am traveling to Cuba and while I am technically Cuban I really do not adhere to Cuban Culture norms but follow those of European Americans from the Midwest. This is an opportunity to learn about things in Cuban culture that will help me when I am studying there. For this paper I interviewed, my nana, Olga Hernandez Ariza de Rius and, her sister, Fara Sara Ariza de San Juan. They both lived in Cuba for over 30 years, in Cuba Olga was a member of the Upper class and was school…show more content…
Before I jump into gender egilitarnism I want to give the definition of assertiveness because the two become very interwined in their effects on culture. Assertivesness is “ the degree to which people are assertive, confrontational, and aggressive in social situations (Luswig and Koester). In Cuba machismo is a huge factor here men are very aggressive towards women, are rewarded more opportunities, while women are to be submissive, have very few positions in power, and are currently being exploited for sex tourism. Though interestly enough females are offered the same educational opportunity to continue school though it is usually to find a Mrs degrees. (Baron). In the United States it is more much gender equal now its not perfect but women still are not in as nearly many authority positions and are denied rights like to be paid the same amount of money as men, but in contrast to Cuba women have a lot more freedom and can make decisions without checking with the male figure in her life. (Javidan). In the United States people are much more assertive it is not just men but women as well, even elders, where in Cuba they are assertive but never in ways that could get them in trouble with the authority.
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