The Importance Of Critical Thinking In Nursing

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Critical thinking is the key to preventing and resolving a problem which centers not only on answering questions, but also questioning answers. It requires specific skills such as questioning, probing, and judging (LeFevre, 2012). Critical thinking is an important skill to have when working in the medical field. To be a nurse, a person will need a lot of critical thinking skills to be successful in their job. It’s very demanding that’s why it’s hard job to do. A person does not only need to work hard, but he also needs to work efficiently. However, to work effectively a person will need to use his critical thinking skills. This paper will discuss the critical thinking attributes that I have, and will use when I become a nurse.

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A person needs to be careful and prudent when taking care of patients. To be careful and prudent, a person needs to seek help when it is in need. They suspend or revise judgment as indicated by new or incomplete data (LeFevre, 2012). In nursing if you don’t know how to do something you need to be able to be careful and ask for help when you need it so that the situation won’t get worse. I’m careful every time I take medicine when I’m sick and try not to mix different medicine or alcohol when I’m taking one. My most important attributes that I highly own is sensitivity to diversity. A person with sensitivity to diversity expresses appreciation of human differences related to values, culture, personality, or learning style preferences and adapts to preferences when feasible (LeFevre, 2012). Working in a medical field a nurse will have to deal with different races. If my patient is from a different country and her culture has different ways of eating. I will let her eat the food her parents bring as long as it doesn’t go against the medication and food policy of the hospital. As long as she starts eating and gets better, she can eat whatever she wants. Being open and fair-minded is when a person can tolerate different viewpoints and able to questions how own views are influencing thinking (LeFevre, 2012). In a medical setting, you deal with different perspectives from many highly intelligent people, and a nurse need to be open-minded from different views when working in this environment. I’m open-minded every time I get various points of views in our weekly discussion because I like learning new ways to solve a

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