The Importance Of Critical Thinking And University Studies

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In this essay I will be discussing how critical thought relates to both university studies and employability. I shall first look at critical thought. Secondly I will discuss how critical thought relates and affects university studies. Then thirdly I will discuss how critical thought relates and affects employability. Lastly, the conclusion will be presented. Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally. Which means that one can engage in reflective and independent thought. Critical thinking enhances one to acquire knowledge, improve theory and strengthen arguments. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the ways on how critical thought affects and relates to university study and employability. I will also
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However making judgements means that one the student must distinguish between fact and opinion or evaluate the validity of the information sources and particular theories, and apply it to particular situations. Such judgements need to be well grounded in research, readings and the consideration of different viewpoints. Monash University prepares its students to become critical and creative students by solving problems, using research skills to develop challenges and communicate effectively (Monash University, 2011, as cited in Levy & Earl, 2012, p.309). As an example, critical thought is important in academics because it is a way in which knowledge is supplemented to a course. The consistency of the evolution of academic disciplines arises from the new knowledge that is supplemented to a course which includes a student’s reading material, note taking in class or lectures, assignment writing and tutorial presentations. Being critical in university is essential for students therefore the reason on how it helps students will be further discussed.


It is fair to say that critical thinking goes hand in hand with reasoning. Critical thinking becomes dominant in university culture (Marshall & Rowland, 2006, p.42) by means of students participating in arguments and debates which may sometimes impact the students in coming to terms with different world views. Therefore a university education helps a critical thinker expand and become open minded to different world views. But on the other hand a discussion on how critical thinking affects students in their studies continues.

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