The Importance Of Creationism In Public Schools

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Caleb Hollis
Ms. Rollins
English III
7 May 2014
Why Creationism Should be Taught in Public Schools
Have you ever wondered what students are learning these days? There is Algebra, Chemistry, Geometry, and Biology, but are there any classes on Creationism? Speaking of Biology, the main focus in this subject is Evolution. When Evolution is discussed there is controversy. Although most public schools in the United States teach just on evolution, there is a plethora of students that want at least the option to have a creationism taught alongside of evolution.
Creationism being taught in public schools has always been a very controversial topic. The only options for any “creation science” classes are in private schools. If we take a look back to when public schools were first created, the church and state have always been separate. There have been public schools that try to bring God back into schools, but the parents of many students have complained about “religion” being taught to the children. With God taken out of the school system, there are students who do not see a point in life. From being taught that we are here by a cosmic explosion to evolving from apes. With that thought in mind there isn’t a point to life. We are just here and then we are gone. With no meaning to life and no hope for life after death. “Resistance to teaching creationism is still very strong, however. Opposition usually centers around two related arguments.” First, evolution is widely claimed to be the only acceptable “scientific” theory of origins. Second, creation is assumed to be strictly a religious concept, which on that account has no place in a public school curriculum” (Morris). In hindsight, both of these disputes happen to be incorrect. Deal...

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...ical. Next the McLean v. Arkansas Board of Education had a law that enforced public schools to give both creation-science and evolution equal treatment. It was said that “Creation-Science” is not actually a science, but strictly religious.
In conclusion, Creationism should be taught in public schools. Even if there are strictly atheists or agnostic students and teachers. The only reason people become atheists is because of something that happened in their past. For this to become completely effective the teachers and school boards would first of all have to be convinced on the subject. People look at evolution as an easy way to prove history. Many people have trouble with Creation because you have to have faith in the things unseen. For example, many people haven’t seen a million dollars, but does that mean it doesn’t exist. It’s the same concept with Creation.
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