The Importance Of Covey Habit # 3

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Unit 4 Covey Habit #3 Stephen Covey 's habit #3 from, "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" has ended up being one of the hardest for me to adopt. Being able to say no sounds easy in theory but adopting that to my life has been very difficult. This habit is about empowerment of priorities, balancing your time effectively and labeling tasks based on urgency. I have never struggled with organization or keeping things on my calendar but what I have struggled with is the guilt that comes with letting others down. When you tell your friends or your family that you can not attend an event or social gathering, it does have an impact. I have always been a very social and outgoing person. Viewing that as a negative did not seem possible until 8 moths ago. When my life…show more content…
I would look at what was expected of me and allow many things to suffer around me. If my partner did not want to attend a social event, I went alone so I did not feel guilty breaking the commitment. I did not even consider how my choice effected the people I love. There is a social website called MEETUP.COM designed to aid in helping the unsocial become social. This website seemed to become an addiction to me and I started a wine group, Diversify Your Wine. For 5 years, I worked this calendar allowing the smallest of the events being 3 a month. I would let nothing keep me from attending those events even if others asked me to make them a priority. There is a quote you often hear, "Admit that you, of yourself, are powerless to overcome your addiction" and I felt like I needed an intervention. Luckily, guidance came as I was sorting through what I had I needed to change in my life. When you start taking the power back from trivial things and putting it into what is important, change is inevitable. I knew that I had let enough suffer by my poor time management and over committing myself. Positive steps in my future career and real passion for my life could not be experienced until I felt

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