The Importance Of Counseling Teenagers

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One of the most challenging times in the life are teenage years. Teenagers undergo several changes to include physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Ministering to teenagers can be a difficult task in the context of the local church.
Counseling Teenagers by Dr. Tim Clinton and Dr. Chap Clark provides practical, relevant, and real life scenarios teenagers face. Counseling Teenagers has 40 topics including spiritual insights, probing questions, and action steps that can be used to minister to youth. In this paper, I will reflect on career decisions, gangs and violence, and teenage pregnancy. I will evaluate the spiritual insights and discuss how these topics can be used in the context of pastoral care in the local church.
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Clinton and Clark state, “If the teen is ready to begin applying for jobs, give some counsel on the interview process.” Career fairs, shadowing opportunities, and professional skill development workshops such as interviewing and etiquette.
Careers are necessary to provide food, clothing, and shelter for an individual of a family. However, a career should be more than just the pursuit of financial resources. Clinton and Clark state, “The purpose of work isn’t to become wealthy but to honor God and to be His representatives to those He loves.” Clinton and Clark state, “Our work is a trust from God, and one day we will be called to give an account to Him.”
Our careers should glorify God. Proverbs 16:3 states, “Commit your works unto the LORD, and your thoughts shall be established.” (NKJV). A career that glorifies God does not require full time ministry in a church or religious setting. Whatever we do we should be a representative of Christ. Our behavior, attitude, work ethic and attendance should honor Him and cause others to see Christ. Gangs and
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Friends are an important aspect of our social and personal development. Teens that have found trouble need to be redirected not only in word but also in action. Young people need counsel, guidance, and direction. Some of this counsel, guidance, and direction includes the choosing of friends that are headed in the right direction in life. The local church can provide opportunities through church social activities so connect troubled teens with new friends. Clinton and Clark encourage teens involved in gang activity to, “See out new friends in your school or youth group who are not involved with the gang

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