The Importance Of Costume And Design

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During this experience, I have had the honor of further deepening my interest in costume and design. In this paper, I show my research and what I got out of this opportunity. I learned how to effectively choose my costumes in order to create a sense of feeling in my films, and I also had the opportunity of seeing how professionals choose certain looks and clothes to show emotion in their films. During the course, our class of filmmakers took a period of time to study the Oscars. We studied all topics, the predictions, and the winners. Luckily, one category fits the exact topic I chose to study, which helped me in my exploration through Costume and Design. The Academy Award for Best Costume Design is typically given to the film with the best costume design the last year. Films are chosen by the Art Directors Branch, and it is based on a voting system. The five best films are chosen and considered the nominees, and those chosen are picked to fit specific criteria made up by the Art Directors Branch. The Academy Award for Best Costume Design was first introduced on the 21st Academy Awards on March 24, 1949. The award was first separated into two categories, Black and White films and Color Films. In 1958, the 30th Academy Awards, they merged the two categories, making it all one award. And again, in the 32nd Academy Awards had the two categories split once again. Later on, the Academy Award for Best Costume Design along with others was combined to have one award. Typically, contemporary movies won in black and white and fiction, fantasy, and animated movies won in the color category. The award is presented by the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. For the 2014 Oscars, The Great Gatsby took home th... ... middle of paper ... of designing and creating the right costumes and fits for the Actors and Actresses. The designers can be expected to make their own garments or alter pre-made costumes. I found that, while interviewing the House of Make Believe, a store here Florida designated only for homemade costumes, that the need of alterations balances out with the need of costumes from scratch. All in all, this project was a great learning experience. I got the opportunity to experiment with makeup in addition to working with costumes and design and expanded my knowledge on the importance of each individual piece to film making. Throughout this journey, my knowledge and understanding of the vitality of costume making grew in every way shape in form. I am honored to now say that I had the experience of growing and understanding in a different aspect of film.

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