The Importance Of Cosmetics

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Cosmetics is a very interesting topic. Women and some men using makeup dates way back in history. The invention of cosmetics is not a modern day thing. It started 4,000 years ago. Egyptians owned a lot of body oils, face creams, face paint, eye makeup, and other cosmetic items. Another thing is in early Greece, women applied white power to portray paler skin and used charcoal as eye shadow. Australians used a wide range of minerals and crushed up rocks to make up creams and body paint (CITE). All around the world women mixed a series of things to make what we now call cosmetic products. Cosmetic chemistry is important in makeup products because you have to test the products, build the product, be educated in cosmetology, and know key makeup ingredients. Cosmetic chemistry science is a very major part of building and constructing different types of cosmetics. You have to be very precise and careful when testing and putting together cosmetics. Beauty products require serious high-level science and can be a very demanding job. You have to respond to high-maintenance customers and still make sure the product is correct to what the label says. When testing certain cosmetics you have to think about different skin types, skin color, and if somebody has sensitive skin or not. A lot of companies hire people to test out the products. There are some that test on animals, but a lot of establishments do not believe in experimenting on them and find it’s cruel. Many corporations like Wet and Wild, Elf, and Cheeky Cosmetics believe in that statement. Others companies such as Mac and CoverGirl have no problem testing on animals (CITE). It all depends on the company's values on the subject. Testing the makeup involves putting the cosmet... ... middle of paper ... ...thin society goes beyond the mindset of just facial appearance. Makeup is an important factor in social customs and cultures. Makeup products could be made out of natural or synthetic materials. The ability to learn how the ingredients play a key role in how some customers choose their makeup was eye opening. The future of cosmetic science can be improved through chemical research and development. Cosmetic science education is worldwide, and this is impressive because each country has their preference in beauty products. Cosmetic science should be funded within colleges in search for scientists who can create new products. The road ahead for cosmetic science is rapidly changing and influential on other branches of careers. Cosmetic science is dependent on scientist building the products, testing them, being educated in the chemistry field, and knowing key materials.

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