The Importance Of Corporate Brand Quality

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Brand quality is one of the main elements that customer identify the product or service brand they deal with. Scholars defined the brand quality from a customer perspective as the customer judgment of excellence, respect and the advantage of the corporate brand product or service they dealing with (Netemeyer et al., 2004). Aaker and Keller also agreed that brand quality has a strong impact on leading the customers to change their decision once they looking to purchase or use the brand (Aaker, 1996a; Keller, 1993, 1998). Several scholars studied the effect of the corporate brand quality on the customers and other stakeholders (Kuenzel and Halliday, 2008; Keller, 1993; Dodds et al., 1991; Lam et al., 2012; Wallström et al., 2008; McDonald et…show more content…
Balmer (1998) corporate marketing mix dimensions which called the (11P’s) measured the performance of any corporation through the brand quality that they introduced it to the market. Performance has considered as one of these dimensions due to the importance of corporate brand quality on stakeholder’s decision to build the identity with these corporate brands (Balmer and Greyser, 2006). The performance of any product or service is part of brand quality which helps to build its reputation for the market.
Corporate brand covenant as Balmer (2012) defined is related to the stakeholders understanding and expectation to what the brand delivers to the market in terms of quality and value. This clarification for the corporate brand covenant concludes to give attention to the important role that the quality of any brand played to build customer and stakeholder’s satisfaction and respect. Balmer in his several papers (1995, 2001a, 2001b, and 2012) discussed that the success of any corporate brand service identity must be delivered through a good service and a high quality. Lam et al. (2012) and Corkindale
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They explained that customer promise toward the brand is referred to the high quality provided to the customers that also engage them strongly with these brands. Their finding shows that consumer identifies with any corporate brand when the brand delivered customer needs in terms of quality and satisfaction (Lam et al., 2012). With all these development and innovation in products and services, customers these days are selective to purchase a high-quality standard of brands that sustain a long time. Corporate brand quality might be tangible or intangible; also, brand quality measurement leads for stockholders satisfaction and corporate brand success. Moreover, organisations managed the quality of their heritage brands based on their plan and strategy toward their corporate heritage brand identity. Addition to that they can sustain the quality progress or they might ignore it based on their corporate heritage brand strategy (Wallström et al.,
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