The Importance Of Corporal Punishment For Children

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Corporal punishment among children has been around for decades. Many years ago, it was allowed for educators to punish students who were misbehaving by hitting them with a wooden paddle on their behind. As time continued to pass, it became against the law for the school employees to discipline the students who took part in misconduct. The parents became the only people with the right to discipline their children. Today, parents continue to have the right to spank their children however it is now an issue that is frowned upon by many. Spanking is detrimental to children because it can damage the relationship between the parent and child, promotes the act of violence, and can cause the child to develop mental disorders. Predominantly, spanking…show more content…
Hopson. Corporal punishment, especially when applied to children of a young age, can cause a child to develop a fearful reaction towards the caregiver. Adolescents should feel safe when in the presence of their guardians. However due to this certain type of punishment, a number of youngsters have become afraid to even ask their caregiver a simple question. Karima Haynes testifies that corporal punishment is not effective with children because they only centralize themselves on the fact that they are getting spanked and not on the motive behind it. Adolescents, for the most part, have innocent minds. Children at a young age are clueless and do not understand the reason why they are being spanked. Instead of spanking the youth, other forms of discipline such as the time-out method should be popularized. Martin Hoffman, a psychology professor at New York University states that “spanking and physical force, in general, accomplish quick compliance by build up resentment, anger, fear of the parent.” Since the child does not understand why they are being hit, it is likely that they will begin to feel hatred towards the caregiver. In the article “To spank or not to spank” Dr. Hopson points out, “It’s important that parents are…show more content…
The article “The debate over discipline” claims that children learn by example. If the child’s care taker behave accordingly, then the child will follow (Reibstein and Miller). There is a term known as deferred imitation which means imitation done at a later time. It is said that children begin to mimic what they see when they are as young as 18 months old. Juveniles look up to adults in life. Most kids want to be just like one of their parents when they grow up. According to Karima Haynes, experts have concluded that adolescents may believe physically harming one another is the appropriate way to react when upset. Corporal punishment teaches adolescents that it is correct to hit others. Since that is the type of behavior they witness and personally experience, it makes sense that the children would want to act in the same manner. In the article titled “To spank or not to spank,” author Karima Haynes stated that children who were frequently spanked, had the tendency to become exceedingly hostile amongst other people according to Dr. Hopson. In the past, for example, it was permitted in my house hold to discipline the younger kids by spanking them when they acted in ways that were unapproved. Since my mother has always worked long hours, it has always been up to my younger sister and me to show our younger siblings right from wrong. I specifically mention “in the past,” because
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