The Importance Of Continuous Professional Development

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INTRODUCTION “It is that a teacher's professional initial pre-service education”(Rao, 2010, p.110).We need to be reinventing ourselves if we dream to stay on top of the game. New technology and new knowledge is an everyday manifestation now. No matter what work it is, all workforces need to keep abreast with new ideas and technology, to be successful. The education sector is believed to be the most important sector which helps to build people of all professions based on the needs of a country. As a result of this, it will make obligatory for teachers to pace up with this rapid change in technology and gain the latest knowledge of teaching and learning methods to develop the children by preparing them for their life. To achieve this broad…show more content…
Through these on-going programs, teachers can ensure that they always have the fresh and latest skills and knowledge in teaching and learning process to use in their classrooms. Talking about the importance of PD programs Tunisen (2016) stated that “PD programs are believed to be a big boosts in teaching careers, and investing in a teachers’ professional development program is the best bet for a school when they looked for the development of the teachers and the school itself”…show more content…
As when teachers started to use different strategies and started to teach effectively they will get respect from the school community. In the long haul, they will become more experience with the knowledge and experience they get from these PD programs and will be started to label them as experienced teachers(Guskey, 2000). Also, through such PD programs by constantly updating the knowledge and involving teaching technologies, teachers have the chance to develop themselves in different subjects and become specialize on those subjects. Usually, PD programs do not only focus on giving professional training to the teachers but rather it focuses on to develop new skills but also sharpen existing skills leading them to a deeper understanding of the subject(Thakral,
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