The Importance Of Conformity

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and positions in society forcing women to fall back into the past conformity positions that the all used to know. After the war people sought comfort in conformity. The American people wanted to feel safe again after facing in of the most brutal and horrid wars the world has ever seen. This was the case in the nineteen fifties and sixties as many people knew ‘’conflict between the individual and society is seen as inevitable, the absence of conflict is viewed as conformity’’ (Thomson 631-632). And after a major conflict in the world many simply wanted to find some confront after so many men and women moved back into a life of simplicity and conformity as seen ‘’early on in American society class systems were clearly defined’’ (Ehrenhalt 68). The American people knew that this was their first…show more content…
Martha knows she was mostly just an object that they used to trade so that George would get a nice job in the university and Martha could finally remarry after her first disaster. Martha has always sought to please her father by doing any and all things for him even ‘’repressing her own sexuality in the service of a socially acceptable vision academic continuity’’ (Diamond). After facing difficulty on her own Martha falls to her father’s demands and he forces her to return to New Carthage as a way to guarantee that she will continue follow his path for her (Diamond). This connection to the typical aspects of a nuclear family and the are further seen through the basic interactions of all the characters. The two characters the show the clearest signs of typical actions through their conformity are George and Nick. These two men fight on some levels constantly throughout the play as a way to show who is more dominate in all the different aspects of their lives. Their acts of competition have a direct relation to the concept that ‘’George and Nick represent independent competing models of heterosexual masculinity’’ (Eby 601). ‘’As the mail I deal had shifted, during
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