The Importance Of Concussions In Sports

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In the last decade concussions and the awareness of concussion in sports(youth and professional) has developed into a worldwide subject in health research and brain development. There are many different definitions of what a concussion really is. Although this is evident when trying to find a definition of what exactly a concussion is according to doctors at the University of Texas at Dallas, “A concussion is a mild form of a traumatic brain injury” (Paragraph 1). The severity of the injury cannot depict the true definition of what a concussion actually is. Concussions have become viewed as possibly fatal because of the potential outcomes of the traumatic brain injury. The futures of those who have been diagnosed with concussions are being…show more content…
The complex structure and the way the human brain develops is even more intriguing and when that is disturbed the outcomes can be quite unpleasant. According to researchers from the University of Texas at Dallas, “depending on the size and location of the injury, cognitive deficits and behavioral issues often emerge” (Paragraph 1). The development of the brain can be disturbed, and with that being a possibility, the rise of concussion awareness in the health youth has become a huge concern. The possibility of having lingering is not great, however all who are diagnosed with concussions do not heal simply with rest and a break from whatever activity caused them to sustain their injury. According to Erin Allday, in an article published in 2013 by, a teen by the name of Gary Lee, who had suffered a concussion after he and another player collided heads, had been removed by the school trainer from basketball for the remainder of the year and although he had been resting, soon his concussion symptoms had returned and worsened over time causing him to give up basketball and many other activities due to lack of simple cognitive functions that our human brains do every day. Months after Lee told doctors that he still had complications with the lingering symptoms he had months before when he originally sustained his concussion. (Paragraph 3-4). Many who deal with concussions and don’t treat them with caution can…show more content…
In the last decade, many however have viewed sports as hazardous/dangerous for children who are still developing. Many have even put in place motions to remove contact sports from the youth, or reduced the level of contact in select sports. Organizations like “HEADS UP” according to “...provides important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion.” (CDC 1). Many programs like “HEADS UP” have created protocols for the movement to reduce concussions in sports activities for the youth and adults around the country. Other programs like CAPP (Concussion Awareness & Prevention Program) which was designed to “assist your team, town, school or league begin to take steps and create a protocol to address concussions in your sport.” (Paragraph 1). Programs like those mentioned previously are all helpful in the search for better awareness and protection from concussions, they provide volatile information that could possible help save lives. They provide information on how to prevent concussions and even help aide in treatment when a concussion is suspected or

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