The Importance Of Computer Thinking

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Thinking is something everyone does. Some may do it better than others in different subject areas. The computer has nothing to do with the way someone thinks. It wouldn’t affect someone’s complex thoughts. Complex thoughts are based on creativity, logic, and critical thought; therefore, computers if anything would help people’s complex thoughts since they can look up additional details and learn more very quickly. Additionally, there are multiple activities you can do on a computer to increase these aspects.
Everyone has their own area in which they excel at for the fact that is where their interest is at. Everyone knows that one person who is very bright in science or history; they know every little detail almost. However, they have issues in a different subject for the fact that the subject to them is less
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Not everything is on the internet is correct. If someone desires to actually know about a subject they will take it upon themselves to learn it, to understand it. They will go out of their way to construct a full understanding. Take me for example; I have gone out of my way and took the same class twice in high school. I took current events as a freshman and a junior, neither time was it mandatory to take and I didn’t need it for graduation, but I thought it was important to keep in touch with what was going on in the world, and even learned which news sites lean towards liberal and which ones don’t. It would have been effortless enough to cheat in a class like that, but I didn’t; I read numerous different articles to choose which one I wanted to summarize and turn in every week. Others in the class would share their summarizations of their article they chose so the others could just change a few words and turn it in. I also took psychology in high school, which was not needed, but it interested me, and I’m delighted I get to expand my knowledge of it here in college
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