The Importance Of Computer Security

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Computer security is the protection of the physical components of a computer and the software and data that is stored on computers. This security protects computers from theft, physical damage, data theft or loss, software damage, cloud threats, and network threats. There are different types of security measures for the varying components of computers. The components that need to be protected are hardware, software, network, cloud, and data. The security of computer hardware is important because the physical technology is needed for these devices to function. The computer hardware can be harmed by various problems. These include electrical problems, theft, physical damage, water, and poor maintenance. The hardware can be damaged if the proper …show more content…

Computer security in the early stages mainly focused on the protection of the physical computer. The next major security development was encryption. Computer malware then became common and additional security measures were developed. The Internet prompted the need for network security. The development of cloud storage is the latest technological development that is in desperate need of protection from hackers. All components of computers are affected by technological developments as are the security measures necessary to protect …show more content…

As computers became smaller and more mobile, it became more important to make sure that computers in businesses and homes were either locked down or in locked rooms. Information can be stolen from a physical computer through USB drives or uploading the information to the Internet.
Businesses can further protect their computers by installing security cameras and hiring security guards. Home and personal computer users can protect their computers by making sure that they leave their devices in safe places and always know where their device is when they leave their home. Computer security for the physical component of computers not only focuses on the human threat. The threat of fire, water, and electrical problems are also present. The software and data on computers can be harmed if the physical component is damaged. Modern protection for these threats include cloud storage, flash drives, external storage devices, and other back up storage for data. Uninterruptable power supplies and power surge protectors are used for security against electrical threats. Knowledge is the most important security measure that computer users should use. The ability to operate and maintain their personal devices is critical in keeping them

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