The Importance Of Competency Standards

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Competency standards are constructed to describe all the fundamental qualities which are attained by an individual based on knowledge and experience, and together enable the individual to practise effectively as a professional. The National Competencies Framework provides a set of diverse guidelines for training pharmacists to develop into a qualified health professional who can ultimately promote the quality use of medicines in Australia. Competency Standard 4.2.2 revolves around the review of prescribed medicines. This involves understanding the therapeutic use for prescribed medicines, as well as using professional and clinical judgement to identify factors which can impact safety and adherence of treatment, and any potential or actual drug related problems which can warrant a change in the patient’s medication regimen. Competency Standard 6.1.2 revolves around identifying management options. This predominantly entails using professional and clinical judgement on how to appropriately treat particular symptoms being presented at the pharmacy, or identify the circumstances where the intervention of another health…show more content…
This can be avoided by simply checking that I have all the necessary information to counsel the patient on the drug, and if not, use the appropriate sources to find the relevant information. This way the conversation will flow more fluently and the patient will feel more reassured by my confidence. In the future for a patient like this, I will also try to look out for the patient’s health as a whole, and suggest that they get all the necessary vaccinations and prepare a necessary medical kit prior to going overseas, to ultimately have the patient’s health at best
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