The Importance Of Companionship Dating And Marriage

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General Attitudes The Dutch value honesty, humor, modesty and their education (Culture Gram, 2010). According to Breukel (2012), they are very strong believers in their own country’s traditional culture. Lately, the Netherlands has been rated one of the most unfriendly countries due to how reserved and formal they are when interacting with outsiders (Pijbes, 2014). The Dutch are very private people and do not like to show off their wealth through their possessions. Personal questions will not be asked nor answered by the Dutch as to not draw too much attention to themselves. Personal life is not shared, even with the closest of friends. If a friendship is developed while working at the office and spills into one’s personal life, the companionship…show more content…
Most couples know each other from school or their neighborhood, but online dating is slowly gathering up potential. A couple’s careers are the main focus of the relationship and can often put marriage on hold. Women have their first children in their late twenties, usually before getting married. Living together before or instead of marriage is common (Culture Gram, 2010). When a couple decides they want to get married, they normally tend to marry based on socioeconomical status (Arnett, 2016). They have their wedding ceremony at their city hall. The religious may also have another ceremony at their church. Wedding ceremonies are small are only close family and friends attend. More guest show up to the reception where there is dinner and dancing to celebrate. The divorce rate is small and does not happen often (Culture Gram,…show more content…
School is free from ages five to twelve and mandatory until they are eighteen. If a student misses too many classes, a civil employer will call in the parents, as well as the student, to discuss the mishap. If this mishap seems to continue, the family will receive heavy fine and have a temporary hold of child support from the government. In extreme cases, a child may be placed in foster care if he should continue to miss classes. Once the student has graduated from primary school, students are placed in one of four secondary schools based on a standardized test that was taken toward the end of their primary schooling. All secondary schools will have the students go through one to two year of basic education. Some students stay at this level and work in factories, supermarkets, and part departments. After their basic education is completed, they are able to choose one of three tracks; pre-vocational school, pre-university school, or vocational school that can lead to university. Secondary school starts around the age of thirteen, which some argue that children are forced to choose what they want to do with their life at too young of an age according to Breukel

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