The Importance Of Community Policing

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In community policing, officers need to work with citizens to put a clamp on crime. In the past officers have tried to solve all the community issues on their own (Ortmeier, 2006). However, it came to be that officers who are essential to the citizens, was also vice versa. With community policing, it focuses on relationships of trust, with cooperation between both. The theme of community policing is that the law enforcement can be more attentive, proactive, and community sensitive (Greene, 2000). Effective police-community relationships, citizens develop a knowledge on how to prevent crime, while the police learns more about the community. With the majority of police departments incorporating community policing, it has changed the relationships…show more content…
As the police look at leaders for help in coming together on a plan to implement in a way to resolve issues (Ortmeier, 2006). As with leaders and other community persons being involved with the aspect of improving the community, shows criminals that crime in the neighborhood is not going to be. As with this also, in teaching others, it can limit the role of the officer (Ortmeier, 2006). Although the police is still a function in the community, they can put efforts to other problems elsewhere. It allows the community to share responsibilities in the crime-reduction and problem solving (National Crime Prevention Council, 2008). With the process and structure of community policing involving many avenues to combat crime, to use multiple agencies, city leaders, and the community organizations, individuals, media, and business as partners in solving the issues (Diamond & Weiss, 2009). As with using leaders, they serve as role models, and use their position to guide and educate others, while keeping the vision alive (U.S. Department of Justice, 2014). In fact community policing can survive best with the active involvement of all (Sulaiman, Othman, Hamsen, Samah, & D’Silva,
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