The Importance Of Community Policing

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of policing research has shown success in community policing leading to reduce fear of being a victim of crime and decrease the concern about crime in the neighborhood (Wycoff and Skogan 1986). Also when citizens are involved with cooperation and support of police they also see the police as more legitimate (Tyler 2004) which leads to great cooperation. This cooperation and support are mostly from white communities minority communities still struggle to have confidence in the police even with community policing ( Tyler 2004). With the innovation, technologically, modern science and research being put into policing it would seem that we would be able to have the best police. Many clearance rates have gone down from decades ago such as murder…show more content…
and abroad. This strategy follows the research that a little chronic offending criminals who do most the crime and will be punished to stop the crime. This strategy can be used with crackdowns or specific target of groups of people and or gangs. This can be used by giving those who follow the rules social service and employment opportunities, which is where community policing could come in and serve the community after the criminal activity has been targeted. This can show the police are here to help as well as fight crime and the trust of the community won 't be lost after the crackdown. Pulling levers gets positive feedback for its ability to use community service providers to handle problems in the community (Winship and Berrien, 1999). This policing model shows great evidence it works gun homicides(Mcgarrell and Chermak, 2003). This can work with community policing well, since community members would be able to point out the groups that needs to get targeted for intervention. Pulling levers is a special variant of using the main elements of problem oriented policing (Eck And Spelman 1987, Goldstein 1990), which i discussed how problem oriented policing could be used cooperatively with community policing. Community policing has had challenges in communities with high gang activity which pulling levers has had success at preventing gang violence (decker
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