The Importance Of Community Cohesion And Social Networks

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In this era of social networks a majority comes in touch on daily basis with people originating from around the globe, but only a handful of us truly know our immediate door neighbors. This shows a definite lack of community cohesion and interpersonal contact with beings we frequently see. Existence could be better-off and safer, if at all we had personal and constant relations with the people in close familiarity to us. Deficiency of communications maybe attributed to number of hours typical one spends at work and later at home in front screens. This leaves no time at all to interact with the neighbors. Hostility towards such an effort would also be a hindrance. In trying to initiate contact there exist a challenge in how actually to kick-off the strategy. This because most people would merely ignore any requested approach for interaction. If and incase efforts like drafting questionnaires showing the intent to create contact were made, people would respond harshly and with little information. Others wouldn’t respond to them at all. Therefore the easiest way to create personal conta...
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