The Importance Of Communication In Stephen Chbosky's Family

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Stephen Chbosky’s semi-autobiographical novel expounds how Charlie 's family degrades their relationships, lacking a requisite key point in life, videlicet communication, even if they are competent of understanding and concerned about each other. There are numerous ways on Chbosky exemplifies how Charlie’s family understand each other, but they barely communicate. If communication was added to their relationship, the family might have broken apart or gotten closer, however, it is, they would have known about each other. Communication is not a factor that can be effortlessly ignored by a family. Without communication, a family will not be knowledgeable about their family members at all. It will be nearly impossible to unravel any problems because of the misunderstandings that grew due to the miscommunications. It is imperative for the parents to communicate with their children to…show more content…
He wanted to leave her alone to ameliorate the problem since that is what Charlie’s sister preferred. This quote “Leave me alone, Charlie. No, really. What’s wrong? You wouldn’t understand. I could try. That’s a laugh… Do you want me to wake up Mom and Dad then? No. Well, maybe they could—CHARLIE! SHUT UP! OKAY?! JUST SHUT UP! ” (Chbosky 116) reveals how much they care of even trying to tell their parents about all their problems. Charlie’s sister comes to a conclusion that Charlie would not understand her problems and her parents cannot even help a bit. Although, she did not have another companion to pour all her feelings, but Charlie, so she decided to tell Charlie everything so that he would drop her at the clinic. If Charlie’s sister tried to express everything with her parents and siblings with some trust that they would understand, she might have felt more contented or they could have come up with an enhanced solution such as talking with the boy that fooled around with her by changing his

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