The Importance Of Communication In Communication

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Mr. Guzman a none English speaking patient came into a Medical office for his post-operative exam complaining about pain around his incision. Upon looking at the dressing it was clear that the patient had not changed it since his stay at the hospital. The incision was indeed infected so severely that the patient had go back to the hospital for further treatment. Mr. Guzman had not changed his dressing thinking he was following the post-operative instructions given to him at the hospital. Unfortunately the patient did not have an interpreter available to him and the post-operative instructions were wrongfully relayed to him by a family member with limited English. Cases like Mr. Guzman are sadly very common in many hospitals and doctors’ offices…show more content…
With miscommunication comes much room for error that cannot be afforded when working in the healthcare field. This is especially true since people’s lives are at stake. If a physician does not receive the vital patient information that is needed to diagnose the patient, the physician will not be able to administer the testing needed to treat the patient. These miscommunications put the patient at risk for further damage to their life and body. Patient who are not able to communicate in English also run the risk of being treated with Medications that they may be allergic too. “Research has found that Medication dosing errors are twice as likely with either no interpreter or with an amateur translator” (Latner, 2012). Source 5The lack of communication between a provider and a patient can lead to performing unnecessary test and procedures that may not be needed. This may lead to unnecessary expenses billed to the patient’s insurance company. Depending on the patients financial status these expenses may be at the cost of the hospital or practice in which the test are being…show more content…
The fact is everyone deserves decent patient care. It is the duty of the provider, hospital, or facility in which the patient is being cared for to provide great quality care. This includes readily providing interpreters for none English speaking patients. These interpreters can be easily accessible, through a phone call, online video conference, or in person. This is especially true if an appointment has been made ahead of time and the physician and staff are aware of the patient’s needs. Providers can avoid undo stress to themselves and their non-English speaking patients by providing an interpreter. By doing this the provider is better able to treat the patient in a safer manner therefore helping them avoid a malpractice lawsuit and ensuring high patient
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