The Importance Of Communication For Project Success

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Communication is essential in determining project success. Communication may affect the effectiveness process of hiring and training of employees, motivation of employees, providing instructions, performance evaluations and handling discipline problems (Erven, 1981). Communication plays main role to assure project success in any circumstances. Poor communication may lead problems become worse as an effective communication may solve from the worst problems to the small problems.

There are some steps in evolving good communication skills (Wine, 2011). Good methods may improve the communication skills to become effective communication. An individual should understand the concept of communication very well and recognize the purpose of communication.
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Body language is a part of effective communication. Three main body language parts are that posture, facial expression and gestures. Posture conveys message emphatically by a person (Broudstein, 2001). The message also can be delivered by studying one’s posture. For example, when a team members not sit in a proper posture that shows him/her could not able to receive any information that have been delivered by project manager. Regarding to Broudstein (2001), a person face can communicate with others by the expressions such as smiling, strong, confident, concerning on something. For instance, when a person shows that he/she is not angry he/she will smile. Expression may be effective communication because people can easily understand one’s emotion by looking at the expression. Sometimes, by smiling to others it will express positive vibes and confidence to convey message as people will sincerely listen to the message. For example, when a project manager smiles during a briefing session to the team members that will give him/her confidence in delivering the briefing and team members will focus to understand the message that has been

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