The Importance Of Communication Disorders In Children

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Imagine yourself for a day without being capable of communicate or understand your surroundings. In my opinion communication is the key for success in every stage of our life. My research is based in reference of disabilities associates with communication disorder in children and adults. As I can conclude the explanation of communication is when a person is able to exchange feeling, knowledge and desires with others. It can be expressed in different ways one is verbal and the other non-verbal. Language in other ways is as well important part of human communication system. It control and intervene our actions, thoughts, and behaviors. even though language and speech are sometimes inseparable they are different. I learned from the class and from my personal study that communication is essential for human development. It begins at birth and develops through life. At birth newborns act in response to involuntary noises in reaction to physical stimulus . Babies learn to communicate with their parent with face expressions and gestures. At 9 months they start imitate sounds of speech from around them. Children begin to vocalize around 18 month and in quick time they learn to speak. The importance of identifying any communication disorder of children is essential for their progress. Some of this disabilities can be diagnosed before the age of 1. Learning to speak give the ability to communicate with the world. A child’s communication is considered delayed when is clearly behind in comparison with others at their same age speech and language skills.
Communications problem in some cases is generally present in children with physical impairments including hearing loss, neurological disorders , injury in their brain, mental retardation, dr...

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...lso to work in group socializing between them. Some kids need to take individual session depending in their level. The interaction of family in therapies is very important. It will give the children enthusiasm to continue practicing. The importance of therapy is to continue its use in school where children are out of their home. In my opinion it help the learning process because they can try to be like other children and start to communicate with them. Children with communication disorders regularly perform inadequate academic level, having big problems with reading, trouble understanding and express verbal communication, they avoid attending school. If they participate in interactive communication with adults in the instructive situation they may succeed in school. In many cases the use of psychological and psychiatric counseling are consider very important.
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