The Importance Of Communication

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Technology as a whole has allowed our society to excel in multiple ways. As a result of the power of the Internet, the capability of communicating with each other simply by a click of a button. Due to this, communication has transmuted the way mail is sent. Before the internet, which has allowed the capability of sending each other emails, writing a letter and sending it through the mail was unquestionably the foundation of communication. Society has been writing letters for centuries, it’s purpose still holds true today, but it does not share the same equivalency that it once sustained. During the 1960’s, where shortly after the song “Stand By Me” came out, email was created. Email operates from one computer network to another, which in…show more content…
Since the 19th century, national postal systems have generally been known as government monopolies with a fee on the article. Proof of payment is often in the form of adhesive postage stamps. Mail today allows us to buy things online that email does not. Let 's give an example Carl wants to buy a necklace, but he hates going to jewelry stores, so he decides to go online. He goes online and finds a necklace that he wants, so he purchases it. Carl cannot receive this item through his email, but instead he would receive it in the mail. This is a benefit of having the capability of using mail. Also, another beneficial part about mail is the fact that it is more sentimental value behind a birthday card or college mail than there is behind an email. The fact that someone took the time to write a paper up and print it off or hand write it, and then postage it up and send it out in the mail, to some means that person took time and dedication to write it, than someone who simply sent an email through the computer. Although one part that is not beneficial is the time and duration it takes from when it was sent to when it is received , also there is a possibility of it becoming lost or something on the way to your house. An average letter through the mail can take up to two to three days depending on the location that the letter is heading
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