The Importance Of Communication

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What would we do without communication in our lives? We would be lost without it. We have all learned to communicate since we were very young. Communication is one of the most essential things in life, in school, in personal relationships, work and in your general daily life as a person. Communication happens in a variety of ways, verbal, non-verbal, written, and others. Effective communication is very important, some people have better communication skills than others but learning to be a good communicator can help you in many ways. There are some things that make us communicate in different ways that are out of our control, such as gender. Men and women express themselves and interpret things in different ways. Some of the reasons why men and women communicate differently is because of the way their brain is, and because of things they have learned as they…show more content…
Men are no more right in the way they communicate, as women are no more right in the way they communicate as well. Both communication styles are just as valid. We don’t need to change the way we communicate as a gender group but learn to adapt and understand the communication of the opposite gender so that we can find it easier to navigate conversations in everyday life, with your family, your partner and at work. You also have to understand that gender differences in communication are constantly changing and are always shaped by circumstance but once you recognize the gender differences that happen in communication, your communication skills will start to improve. It is not only important that you understand the speech of others, but learn to understand your own speech as well. Then when you start to listen to the people around you, such as your spouse, or children speak, you can notice ways that you can change the way that you speak to communicate better. Always be respectful to the opposite genders communication styles and
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