The Importance Of Common Core Standards

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The Common Core Standards are very important for our new generation to be successful, not only in school but also in their careers and life. It has been difficult for parents, students, and teachers to adapt to the new standards because it is all fairly new. Students have been taught very differently for many years and teachers are used to teaching a different way as well. It is mostly difficult for older students to understand the new standards than it is for younger students. When I become a teacher I would life to teach special education for students K-8th grade or I primary. I truly enjoy Kindergarten students if I did not work with special education students. I understand that there are many new teachers that do not get the opportunity to pick the grade level that they would like to teach; for that reason I would like to be prepared to teach any grade level from K-8th. After reading through the Common Core Standards from grades K-8th I feel comfortable with the writing…show more content…
He has been used to learning a different way for so long that for him it is more difficult than for my 2nd grader. I have gotten experience from both of my children as well as in a classroom and I know it will be difficult but I am ready to learn more. Going into teaching knowing about the Common Core Standards is a great advantage for me and for my future students. My ideal grade would be Kindergarten or 1st grade. Looking into the Common Core Standards for language in Kindergarten, we would start with the basics of learning how to write upper case and lower case letters. Using nouns and verbs in a complete sentence would help students learn how to speak correctly and them write it. Teaching them how to make nouns in to plural nouns would be another step to take. Breaking down how to make sentences will allow students to learn how to write sentences correctly and speak
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