The Importance Of College In College

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College for me is a way to start anew; I believe that college gives many wonderful opportunities to students; that help them throughout their carrier, as well as their lives. College for me provides a better understanding of yourself, as well as students place in the world. I believe that many students come into college thinking that college is just like any normal school, that they have attended. Once students get into college is that they really notice the difference, in college students are treated as adult, and are expected to act as such at all times. In high school I believe that students are babied too much, that’s why when they get into college they are overwhelmed at the sudden change in maturity, and level of academic…show more content…
In college all of the students are adults, which mean they are expected to behave in at all times, and are responsible for themselves. If a student misses school he or she must be responsible for all for, and or assignments that are due, if the student misses a test than she or he might make it up; there are some teachers that don’t allow students to make exams even if they have an excuse note from the doctor. In college ones parents cannot come to school and demand to speak to them students are adults and they will have to deal with the problem by themselves. Problems like these would not occur in high school, because their more lenient on those matters. College professors take attendance every day; therefore if you miss a certain number of classes they will drop the student without any notice, even if they bring an excuse note, in my high school you could miss up 10 days after that you will have to bring documentation that justifies it, then it will be all right. College is very expensive especially if students have to pay out of pocket, that’s why it’s so important to pass the classes. High school students don’t have to worry about that because the government pays for the school, as well as books and other supplies high school students don’t worry about passing or not passing a class they just get remedial, and move right along. College student in the other hand are left behind , and have to waste more money on
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