The Importance Of College Education

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One can see college education as a decisive factor which determines an individual’s success and productive role in the society. These come from better knowledge, skills, and well developed positive qualities that result in more job opportunities and higher salaries. However, the value of college education does not only come from the benefits it provides to individuals. College education today is important for the society itself. The significance of getting a college degree today is in that it helps build a fairer, more just, and educated society by empowering people, helping them form a strong civic position, and unifying them by means of socialization, cohesion, and communication. Obtaining a college degree plays an important role in empowering…show more content…
A college degree not only helps become aware of the policies that govern a state, nation or country but also provides individuals with the tools to bring development and change for the benefit of human society. The most important of these tools is literacy in the complexities of democracy and the need to take into account all voices in the matter. A good example of this was provided by Scott Adams in his article “How to Get a Real Education” where he revealed how education empowered him to formulate the constitution that effectively included interests of all parties. He wrote, “At the end of the meeting I volunteered to take on the daunting task of crafting a document that reflected all of the varied and sometimes conflicting opinions that had been aired.”(Adams). The author revealed how education helped him formulate a strong civic position that empowered him to develop a constitution that benefited everyone. From this example, college education can be seen as the catalyst for positive changes in the society from the actions of particular…show more content…
This is a wrongful assumption, however. While it is true that college education is not a universal phenomenon, one can argue that the ideas and values that college education provides trickle down through the society regardless. This can be easily seen in the laws, books, TV programs, music, art and many other social aspects that are directed at creating a progressive society where individuals know the importance of moral values in their private and public domains. Likewise, security relies on a well-educated population that is cognizant of the rules, laws, regulations and the importance of maintaining peace. There is little doubt that it is college that gives individuals the insight and knowledge regarding all these matters. All these aspects make college education important for fair and just society even though not everyone attends

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