The Importance Of Collaborative Professional Development In Student Education

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In the 21st century, more educators are working collaboratively with other teachers to enhance their learning and promote their professional growth. Some schools provide professional development workshops so teachers can learn new teaching strategies to become better educators while others schools lack these professional workshops. There are still few individuals that do not believe that working collaboratively makes a difference in student learning and as educators, we must respect their opinions (Knight, 2008). As educators, we must make sure to establish a partnership with other teachers to promote learning and make a difference in student learning. According to knight (2008), working collaborative with other teachers is very critical for…show more content…
For instance, in the collaborative coaching experience, I learned to respect my colleague opinions and shared new ways on how to promote learning (Laureate Education, 2010b). Collaborative professional development helps teachers acquire new skills where they establish positive relationships with other educators. It is very critical for all schools to implement collaborative professional developments because teachers learn to respect each other’s ideas, work collaborative, and learn new skills that will definitely make a difference in student learning. Implementing collaborative professional development in schools is very important and beneficial for teachers because it affects student learning in many positive ways. One way is that teachers experience working collaborative with other educators and acquire new skills that they will model later for their students in the classroom. If teachers get to practice collaborative professional development, they become better educators, better listeners, and better communicators. For this reason, students develop better listening and communication skills because the teacher modeled these skills that he or she learned in these collaborative professional…show more content…
As I mentioned before, I was assigned to coach a new teacher a couple of years ago without been properly trained and I do not think I did a good job. Understanding the methods of cognitive, content, instructional and collegial coaching methods gave me more confidence as an educator on how to approach colleagues without getting them upset. I learned that each of these methods is targeted to achieve specific goals depending on the needs of the teacher. Now I can say that I feel more comfortable with the knowledge acquired on how to implement the four coaching effective methods according to teacher’s personality. I feel that I am more capable of doing a good job as a coach because I have learned to implement the formal observation cycle such as the pre-conference, observation, post-conference, and feedback. Implementing instructional and collegial coaching in my coaching experience, I learned how to establish a positive relationship trust and respect with my collaborative colleague as well as with the principal. The respect, trust, and confidence principals have for teachers’ abilities to influence their own development are essential to building a strong collegial school culture that fosters teacher talent development (D’ Antonio, 2001). There were some challenges that I faced with my
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