The Importance Of Clinical Psychology

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The human’s mind still remains to date as one of the mysteries that we have not completely unveiled yet, and so, it turns into something that has fascinated me ever since I was a child. As I continue my journey on defining my aspirations, I find myself enjoying in interacting with people, listening to their stories or feelings, along with helping them deal with their issues. For those reasons, I decided to become a clinical psychologist. Not only does clinical psychology will fulfill my ignited passions, but the field will also offer me a broad range of work: because psychology is a study based on every person’s comprehensions, emotions, and behaviors, it gets involved in every job as well as everyday activities.
In spite of the fact that psychology
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According to a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wages of clinical psychologists in May 2012 were $67,650; however, this number increase to $74,030 in the 2014-15 Edition (Occupational Outlook Handbook). Clinical psychologists who have 10 or more years of experience, some can earn up to $100,000 per year (Capella University). Because of the increasing of demand from the people looking for help with stress, disorders, addictions, or daily life problems, the future outlook for employment rate becomes propitious: while there were only about 23,310 workers employed in clinical psychology in 2012; the number turned into almost 24,180 workers in 2015; and by 2022, there would be approximately 27,100 employed clinical psychologists (Kootenay). For these reasons, many students have decided to go into the psychology field, which makes it extremely competitive. The tuition is another obstacle when it comes to psychology. As a study from All Psychology Schools shows that a “median annual tuition costs to earn a master’s degree” for an instate resident is $8,286 and $18,046 for a non-resident; for a doctorate degree, an instate resident will have to pay $9,422 and a non-resident will pay $21,606 (the American Psychological…show more content…
I am currently focusing on improving my English, along with training my skills and qualities that may come in handy within the field by: communicating with others, reading more books about psychology, or watching documentary clips that relate to the major. Then after obtaining the Associate in Arts degree, I will transfer to Florida International University, where I plan on achieving both my Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s Degree. To shorten the time, while pursuing my degrees, I will have to start volunteering in as much Mental Health Hospitals as possible in order to earn my experience, along with adapting to the working environment. And finally, I will put all my effort to gain my Psy.D. in Nova Southeastern
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