The Importance Of Clinical Interviews

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Clinical interviews are developed in the first meeting between patients and clinicians,
(Class Lecture, 2/3/16). They facilitate the communication between clinicians and patients, and also help to develop a trusted relationship between them. On February 16, 2016, I received Caroline Thompson at my office. She was looking for help for her sleeping problems. My first impression about Caroline was very good. She was well dressed and she could communicate very accurate all the symptoms she has been facing for a long time. Her speech was coherent, she spoke in a nice and low tone. However, I noticed that she was almost the time fidgeting her hands. Then, I realized that she was very anxious. So, it might be me my goal to discover what was happening
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I also explained her that I had a Master Degree in Clinical Psychology and that I have received the correct training to offer clinical therapies. Then, I read her the Inform Consent and explained the limits of confidentiality which are mandated for the American Psychological Association (APA). After I finished reading, I asked if she had understood everything, or if she had any question. Inform’s consent description must be a collaborative process between clinicians and patients, (Class Lecture, 2/3/16). So, it is very important to provide time for patients make some questions. Moreover, I explained Caroline that it was my responsibility to keep confidentiality about her personal information and about our therapy sessions. However, in some cases that are mandated by law, I am required to provide some information about her and about our therapy sessions. For example, in the case of sexual abuse, negligence’s with physical impaired people or elder/children, and in cases where harm to herself or to others is a possibility, or a real threat (Class Lecture,…show more content…
Brittany performed a semi structure interview. Brittany was quiet and focus on our interview. She maintained proper eye contact and non-verbal behaviors. After she introduced herself, she read me the inform consent and also explained me the limits of confidentiality. However, she forgot to ask me if I had understood everything that she had read. Brittany also forgot to ask me if I had some questions about the limits of confidentiality. As the professor mentioned in class, a discussion about the limits of confidentiality is very important to avoid future problems. Sometimes therapists need to share some patients’ information to obtain payment or to provide needed services. Moreover, if the therapist realized that there is an imminent homicidal or suicidal thought, he/she will need to call the police or share some information with a court. People’s privacy ends where the public threat
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