The Importance Of Climate Change On The Earth

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The way earth was then and the way earth is now is completely different. 300 years ago earth was Eco friendly. The air was fresh. The ice weren’t melting and so the sea level wasn’t rising. The earth wasn’t warm due to Global Warming. The ocean was clear because there weren’t any oil spills. The trees were at peace because companies weren’t making as much paper and waste. Now that technology is at high rate in all over the world, there are little things we could do to save the planet. Human impact has evolved on the planet so much that earth is fighting back. For instance pollution, urban air quality and indoor air pollution were listed as the world’s worst pollution problems in 2008-blacksmith institute and still continuing to rise. With…show more content…
According to Al Gore, recent temperature increase is due to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. For example, when sun radiation hits the earth half of the radiation is absorbed by the earth. The other half is reflected back to the earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, the reflected radiation is re-emitted back to earth and all of it is due to the thick layer of the atmosphere. Gore says, "This thin layer of atmosphere is being thickened by all of the global warming pollution put up there". Carbon dioxide emissions coming from our industrial factories, cars, and chemicals are dumped on our backyard without us being aware of the harm that it is to the environment. The book shows before and after pictures of Glacier national park in Montana, Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya, and other places that dramatically changed over time due to global warming; fewer glaciers and less snow are present at these sites. These pictures clearly provide us evidence that very dramatic changes are talking place the only planet we called home. Gore states that the ocean temperature is getting warmer, therefore leading arctic ice to melt causing floods, hurricanes and typhoons. If the ice shelf were to melt in the Arctic/ Antarctic, many countries and cities like New York, New Orleans would sink under water. The number of hurricanes and typhoons would double and become powerful if the temperature…show more content…
Durkin urges that climate change hypothesis is absolutely wrong. He explains how carbon dioxide emissions from the conventional use of fossil fuels doesn’t influence the rising temperature nor Climate, and believes that the earth is the one that always cooling and warming itself with or without our human influence. The earth’s climate change is seen as a natural occurrence. There were periods much warmer than today, known as the medieval warm period and Holocene maximum during the high Middle Ages. There were also cold periods known as the Ice age (the Pleistocene Epoch). He believes that the climate change theory is wrong because during the time of mass production and growth in industrialization, the temperature decreased. This challenged the earlier theory of pro Climate Change scientist that believes the more carbon dioxide emissions that is released in the atmosphere the more temperature would rise. There was a lot of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere during the post war economic boom, but the temperature actually went down during this time. Other reason he believe the climate change theory is incorrect was that Martin have showed scientific evidence that there is a small portion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Martin states that the concentration of carbon dioxide in

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