The Importance Of Clean Water Change My Life

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Many people are confronted daily with the situation of an inadequate supply of safe, clean water for cooking and drinking in which they face some serious consequences. Water is an essential element part of my life. My primary intention of this paper is to present some of the important impacts I make to the water cycle, how might it change my life if I were to reduce my impacts on the water cycle. Also, what I would I need to give up which could be difficult to balance my personal choices with my environmental considerations.

Water has been an important part of people lives for thousands of years. Without water, there would be no life on this earth. Every individual in this world has a significant
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It never disappears or goes away, but it might change my life if I were to reduce my impact on the water cycle by eliminating air pollution. For example, I could take public transportation instead of driving to prevent air pollution which causes acid rain. “Acid rain can cause the release of the toxic substance such as aluminum into the soil” and dissolves the nutrients and valuable minerals found in the ground which could make the plants ill (Doršner,2015). Another thing I could do is use the compost for planting which adds water-holding organic matter to the soil. It feeds the soil micro-organism that helps the soil and plants to stay healthy and reduces my yard and kitchen scraps that I would usually throw away. I could also use less water to water my plants and personal use. So, to make these changes, I would need to give up my early morning watering of my garden in the summer. Also, when I am brushing my teeth and washing my face, I could turn off the water. Since I am a family of four, I could save an average of 200 gallons a week which could help reduce my impact on the water…show more content…
We depend on the rain to supply us with water to grow our food. We took our livestock to the river to allow them to drink water. I used to go to the community pipe to get water to bathe and wash my clothes. Having access to water became a luxury to me since moving to the USA, and I would always look back on that day and be grateful.

In conclusion, I can change some of my behaviors to reduce the impact to the water cycle. I can use less water while showering instead of taking a bath to reduce the amount of water I use. I can reduce air pollution by using public transport instead of my car to lessen the emission of greenhouse gasses.

We can make it for at least a week without food but only a day without water because we are 50- 75 percent of water. My significant impact on the water cycle helps me to release that I should limit my action when dealing with my resources and take care of my environment.

Doršner, K. (2015). Essentials of environmental science.

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