The Importance Of Class And Race

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Summer 2015
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Class and Race

This purpose of this paper is to explore if class and race plays a part in how children are raised. This paper will also explore how class and race plays a role when parents involve themselves in their child’s school, how the parents raise their children, ties to family, teaching, authority, and physical punishment. The hypothesis for this paper is that class and race does play a role in how children are raised and how parents of different backgrounds and class involve themselves in the child’s lives, school, etc. Also, along with class and race, culture plays a role in how parents involve themselves in their child’s life. The main resource for testing out the hypothesis
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Some of the advantages of being born into the upper and middle class is access to better resources, such as schools, healthcare, organized activities, etc. For example, in the book Unequal Childhood, in chapter six, the child, Alexander Williams, is an African American child with his mother and father who are considered middle class. In this study, the mother would organize after school activities. According to his mother, Ms. Williams, “it is her obligation to help get her son out of the house to cultivate his talents.” (Lareau, Ch. 6, pg. 112.) As stated above, the access to resources to help their child develop their talents is an advantage to being born into a certain social class. Another benefit is the use of language. For example, in the Lareau’s book, Alex is visiting the doctor, when the doctor is asking about his height; Alex interrupts the doctor and corrects him about his age. This is important because this gives Alex is “affirming their right to air their own thoughts and ideas to adults” (Lareau, Ch 6, pg 125.) Some of the advantages of being in the lower/poor class. For example, in Laraeu’s book, Harold McAllister is an African American, with his mother, who considered working/poor class. In this study, Harold is surrounded by family members every day. This is considered an advantage because they can rely on each other if they need help. (Lareau. Ch 7, pg 138-39). Some other advantages (that are not in…show more content…
The disadvantage of being born into a social class. For example, the access to basic needs, such as food or clean clothes. Things middle class people take advantage of. In one of the chapters of the book, a working/poor single mother did not let her daughter go to school because she did not have clean clothes. Another responsibility, in chapter seven in the book, Harold McAllister, his mother is in charge of taking care of her children along with her sisters children because her sister is a drug addict. (Lareau, Ch 7. Pg 138). The use of language with parents and parents use language in raising their children. In the same chapter, when Harold and his mother are at the doctor, and when the doctor is asking Harold’s mother if he is eating all the right foods and getting the basic food groups in him, she is very reserved and answers in a low voice. (Lareau, Ch 7, pg

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