The Importance Of Citizenship In Singapore

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This is the first thing that all people have to do. It is important to check the eligibility status from the official authority. Here are some requirements for applying the Singapore citizenship: a. Should be 21 years or older b. Permanent Resident (PR) for more than 2 years c. Gainfully employed d. Should be married with Singapore citizen for more than 2 years There are two main types of citizenship that can be found in Singapore: a. Citizenship by descent - Father/Mother is a Singapore citizenship and born in Singapore - Father/Mother is a Singapore citizenship by registration - Both parents should have at least 1 year of residence of Singapore in the period of 5 years before their child's birth - Both parents should have settled down in this country for 4 years before the child is born b. Citizenship by registration - He/She is a child of a Singaporean people - He/She is living in Singapore, or - any other circumstances 1. Prepare all required documents It is important to prepare all important documents, application forms, and annex before applying for this citizenship. Don't forget to include one passport-sized photograph. There are some other important documents that should be submitted during the application process. All applicants should check the official site of the ICA Singapore. There is some important information that can be found in this official website. 2. Apply at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore This is the most important thing that all applicants have to do. They have started applying at the ICA Singapore. There are two types of application that are offered by ICA Singapore. a. Apply in person This method is very simple to do. People can submit the application form with all ... ... middle of paper ... ...hip certificate and identification card, during the ceremony. Some Considerations before You Apply for This Singapore Citizenship a. Basic Requirements You should show the proof of good character of yourself. You should show that you are able to support yourself and your families when you live in Singapore. This option can be checked during the interview process at ICA building. You have to be ready to answer any questions related to this topic. b. No Dual citizenship This application also requires you to renounce your foreign citizenship. There is no dual citizenship in this country. Therefore, you have to surrender your foreign passport to the relevant Embassy. c. National Service Male Singapore citizens should enlist for national service when he reaches 16.5 years old. He should serve at least 2 years of national service unless the deferment is granted.
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