The Importance Of Chronemics In Speech

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Throughout history, many orators have utilized public speaking to persuade, inform, and commemorate. For example, Abraham Lincoln 's Gettysburg address, which commemorated the victory of the Union in the Battle of Gettysburg. Within the speech Lincoln memorialized the soldiers that fought courageously and emphasized the equality that would soon apply to all of the United States citizens. Still, in order to give a exceptional and influential speech there are a multitude of factors that one must consider before devising a speech. For instance, length, purpose, mobility, chronemics, and location are just some situational characteristics that public speakers must take into consideration before constructing a speech. Additionally, the central focal…show more content…
Some situational characteristics that are applicable to my classroom audience are size, chronemics, and location. Furthermore, size refers to amount of individuals present for the speech. In my context, I will be delivering to classroom size of approximately thirty students and one instructor. Another significant factor to consider is chronemics. In the book Speak Up! Third Ed. authors Douglas M. Fraleigh and Joseph S. Truman (2014) state, “chronemics refers to the time of day or day of the week when your audience members will be listening to your presentation” (126). Additionally, the only days I can present my speeches are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1;00 p.m. to 1:50 p.m. Furthermore, another influential situational characteristic is location of the presentation. Location simply refers to the setting where the speech will be presented. In my case, the location is a modest classroom. Furthermore, it also vital to incorporate demographics such as, age and gender composition in order to obtain a profound grasp of your audience. Since most my COMM. class is primarily young adults I know how tailor a speech targeting this age group. Additionally, gender composition refers to the ratio of males and females in the audience, and in my case the gender composition is fairly equal. Clearly, understanding situational characteristic and demographics aids in tailoring my speech to a specific audience. Still, the method for applying and utilizing audience analysis is also

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