The Importance Of Chinese Social Media

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Withhold Information
Nowadays, most people have Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account to share personal opinion with others on the Internet. However no one can control other’s mind and what they want to say, so there is some “reactionary speeches” are already being posted on the Internet. In order to control the online “reactionary speech” spread, Chinese government decided to forbid foreign Social networking, and crate Chinese Social networking like Renren, Youku, and Weibo to take the place of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for Chinese people, because Chinese Social networking is easier to control by Chinese government to keep away “reactionary speech”. Chinese government wants to protect Chinese social stability for Chinese people, the government not allow “reactionary speech” to disturb what Chinese people’s mind. Whereas, closing foreign social networking to Chinese people won’t be a good method for the development of Chinese society. If people of a country only know one-sided information and they cannot really know their country, how can they help their country to get great development? To know the comprehensive information of Chinese society won’t bring bad influence to Chinese people, but the one-sided understanding would be disadvantageous to the development of the country. China should accept foreign Social networking like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, because will allow Chinese people to gain comprehensive information about their world.
The comprehensive information is a huge power to make society to be more powerful. Throughout the history of China, there are some powerful evidences to prove this point. Tang Dynasty’s system of accepted people’s advises and share the information of country are the early system of “so...

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...hinese people to browse foreign social networking, Chinese people have rights to choose what website they want to browse. Chinese people can make their own choice to believe rumors or not. China has large population base, and the average education level is low. But that not mean Chinese don’t have judgment to distinguish the fact and rumors.
All in all, Chinese government should accept foreign social networking like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. To forbid those networking cannot stop the rumors radically, however, it would lose more useful information than those rumors. Everyone have his or her rights to know what happened and what already has happened in their owe country. In order to protect Chinese society stability, Chinese government should focus on how to improve the ability, which can make people’s life be better, instead of withhold information to people.
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