The Importance Of Childhood Vaccines

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Childhood Vaccinations:
Safe or Not? Childhood vaccinations should be mandatory. It should not be a parent’s choice whether or not to vaccinate their child and put not only them but others around them at risk. If we don’t vaccinate our children at the recommended time, then we are risking them catching a disease that that could carry very bad consequences. Throughout the years there have been numerous outbreaks of diseases that have taken tons of lives. This could have been totally prevented or considerably less severe if more people had been vaccinated, simply because the diseases would not have kept spreading. Through the development of vaccinations, parents have been given a chance to protect their children as well as those around them
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They have kept children healthy and have saved millions of lives for more than 50 years. Most childhood vaccines are 90% to 99% effective in preventing disease...Vaccines contain antigens and imitate a disease which helps to develop immunity against it but does not cause you to catch it. They reduce the risks of infections by working with our bodies natural defenses. Most childhood vaccines are about 95% effective at preventing diseases. And if a child were still to get the disease after they are vaccinated, the symptoms would normally be way less serious than the symptoms in a child that didn’t get vaccinated. Why would parents opt against getting their child’s vaccinations, even in the face of the measles outbreak that has sickened more than 102 people in 14 states? Simply because trust in the government or the lack thereof and also misinformation. Your pediatrician believes that your children need to receive all of the recommended vaccines. Although sitting there through your child’s vaccination meltdown can be just as painful for you as it is them and the fear of these routine vaccines doing more harm than good, choosing to vaccinate children has led to 93% to 100% elimination of many childhood diseases in the U.S. ( Today we protect children and teenagers from around 16 diseases that can have a horrible effect on these children without them being vaccinated against them. If parents choose to skip these vaccinations, they put their child at greater risk for a potentially life-threatening disease. Immunization schedules are meant to protect vulnerable patients from disease. If you choose to wait to give the vaccine, you might miss the window when the child is most vulnerable for catching the disease. You put your child at risk when you get off the recommended schedule (American Academy of Pediatrics). Vaccinations are safe and very effective, once a child gets vaccinated against a disease, their body is able to fight it off
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