The Importance Of Childhood

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Many children have a childhood, but others do not. I was fortunate enough to have one of the greatest childhoods ever. I remember it perfectly, just like a child's dream. One thing was the feeling of being free to do whatever I want. Obviously there were some restrictions depending on what type of activities I was doing, but either way my physical motion was always active. I was one of those children that loved to run around, get wet, get dirty, ad shout out loud from being excited. I was not only very close to my parents, but also with both of my brothers. My mother and I had a very strong bonding, we agreed in many things when it came to choosing or deciding on something. One thing I want to mention is that my dad was not only a father to me, but has also been my soccer coach ever since I was about 7 years old. We hardly ever fight on small occasions, and if we do, we easily resolve the problem with lots of communication between us. My youngest brother Brian used to sleep in the same room I did. Therefore, I felt responsible for him in showing him the right from wrong. My oldest brother used to spend a very short time at home and even when he was at home, he would just go to his room and do his own thing.
The person I want to say I am the closest too and have been since when I was a child has been my father. The reason for this is because we would spend most of our days together in and out of home; for soccer, and for family reunions. We had great communication between us, which made us have the strongest bond. My parents and I have a closeness relationship. When I was a child our relationship was even better. Everywhere they would go, they would take us. That made me know my parents very well enough to understand their problems...

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... I was a child.
Throughout my personal experiences, I have understood that my family took a big role in shaping me who I am and making me a better individual through their help. There are many other families that need help with their children to be able to educate them well so they can be ready for the real world. Some families can be stricter than other, or other families can have no importance of their child. Working with children will be a great resource to understand children better to guide them through the right path. There are many factors that make each family unique through the study of different families as well as different origins, person experiences, and attitudes that will make parents become more aware of their children. Overall, I believe myparents are very supportive by being there for me whenever I need them. I believe I am ready to become a parent.
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