The Importance Of Child Development

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There is a saying that says if you want to know the truth, ask a child. Children who are six years of age or under are not able to process the consequences of their actions. They are honest to a fault and will always tell you the truth. When children in this age category commit a crime such as shooting their friend or drowning a toddler they should not be held accountable as an adult. This paper will analyze the biological, cognitive and emotion and/or social development of a child to prove that children under six-years of age lack the knowledge of responsibility for their actions. The biological development of a child under six-years of age excuses them from the responsibility of their actions because their brain is still underdeveloped.…show more content…
Early childhood thinking is quite under developed in comparison to an adult brain. Preoperational intelligence, the second part of cognitive development includes play and learns to manipulate symbols, language, and imagination but logical and operational thinking (Berger, 2014). Throughout this stage symbolic though the capability to use symbols to represent things and animism the belief inanimate objects and magical characters are alive develop but as the mind mature animism will slowly but surely vanish. During this time logical and realistic are not present due to Piaget’s four factors centration, focus on appearance, static reasoning and irreversibility. Piaget’s demonstrates that children are irrational they center on one idea, they ignore attributes that are not apparent, they live in a world where they believe that nothing changes making death a non-permanent act and lastly they tend to reject what they don’t like even if it’s changed to please them again (Berger, 2014). To help understand how children dismiss logic at this age is conservation defined as the observation that noticeable amount do not vary whenever their forms are changed. An example of this is when you add the same amount of liquid to different sized glasses, permitting all four characteristics of preoperational intelligence to be unsuccessful in this
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