The Importance Of Child Abuse And Neglect

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I think we need to worry about keep our children in the world. I n the world today there a lot of evil people and evil things out there. In North Carolina alone, there was 128,800 children abuse and neglect reports made from July 2015 to July 2016. Child abuse and Neglect are the most common reason for children to be in DSS custody. DSS and Daycares go hand in hand when it comes to keeping children safe from harm. Since 1997, child abuse has been on the raise. All children deserve to grow up with nurturing environment that help them stay healthy and develop the way they should. In North Carolina, they use the multiple response system to respond to all the suspected child abuse and neglect. Every report is investigated through a strengths-based, family-centered assessment conducted by either local law enforcement or the assessment local DSS. These professional recognize that parents wants what is best for the children, and that sometimes mean families face issues that make parenting more challenging. When talking about families to DSS, you are actually referring to them for services t...

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