The Importance Of Change In World History

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There are many events that occur in the world that may change it. These things can change it for the worse or the best. Change is something that will always happen in the world. Change is important when it comes to history. We are creating history each and every day. History is also changing the world and the way we look at things. When we focus on change, it has made the world move in new directions. The world is the way it is because of a change. Things have occurred in the world that have changed it for the better and the worst. Without change, things wouldn’t get better in the world. In the articles, we discussed in World History; the articles focused on Historical Revisionism, but they also focused on change. In this essay, I will be focusing…show more content…
King, we discussed the history of women in ancient Christianity. Even though we are not discussing Historical Revisionism in this essay, this article has a connection. In this article, it’s discusses women and how it focuses on the roles of women during this time. This article focus on this particular woman by the name of Mary Magdalene. This article indicated how Mary portrayed a major part around the time Jesus Christ was around. In this article, it focuses on change, and how some things have changed around. One way it focused on change is that they minimized the role of Mary Magdalene. What they did with this article was trying to sweep out the women that portrayed a major role during this period. They also tried to make it seem as if men played a bigger role with women. One thing the people of this time fail to recognize is that no one portrayed a bigger role. During this time, the men were not trying to corroborate the women, they were trying to make it seem as if they were superior to the women. Another way changed was represented in this article was when they change the real Mary into a repentant whore. What they tried to do was to make it seem as if she didn’t play an important role, during this time. Another way change was represented in this story was when they changed the woman’s name Junia to Junias. They tried to make it seem as if she was a man and not a woman. What this article discusses is how women…show more content…
It focuses on the first churches before it was the bigger and beautiful churches we have now. We didn’t have those big and beautiful churches back then. There are many things in this article that represent change. In this article, the archeologist mentions that before there were the big churches, there were house churches which were called domus ecclesiae. During this time, being a Christian was not a popular thing. If a person was caught being a Christian, they would have to suffer. This was another reason why they used house churches because they had to keep a low profile. If they were to have the big churches back then, they would have to suffer the consequences. To me this article is very important article because it represents how thing have really changed over time. Things have change because Christians have those big beautiful churches they wouldn’t allowed to have back then. Also, there are more people becoming Christians every day, and they do not have to hide it. Christians were treated poorly during this time but now they are able to be themselves and let people know their

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