The Importance Of Catharsis

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Concepts In the first chapter the therapeutic factors what stood out to me the most was instillation of hope. There is several research that says most therapies operate through hope and conviction. Group therapists do all that they can do to increase the patient’s belief and confidence in group therapy that works effectively. Also, it is important that therapist believe in themselves. The most important is that members learn from others who had similar problems how therapy can work for them in their life. What I learned in chapter two the interpersonal learning the corrective emotional experience. Franz Alexander said in order for a patient to be helped they have to revisit past trauma to repair present issues. I have found that corrective…show more content…
In the group it is important to them that the group members are accept and supportive. Others within the group who have a sense of we-ness will defend the group. They also have a more positive outcome in group cohesiveness because they feel safe and acceptance. We all have a desire to feel like we belong and feel accept I think group cohesiveness will work well with those seeking acceptances. In chapter four catharsis stood out to me because catharsis is not enough as human beings we are emotional. Catharsis has both positive and negative outcome depending on the patient. Those who chose catharsis have a more of a negative experience. Catharsis is helpful to those involved in support groups. Later in the group is when catharsis is…show more content…
The concept is complex and abstruse variable. According to the reading group cohesiveness is defined by making all the members to remain in group. The definition of catharsis has its limitations, but means to express feelings. Lastly, catharsis is defining as an interpersonal process. Useful to Know Instillation of hope is useful to know for several reasons number one is hope to help patients still in therapy to reach their goals. Faith to believe that the treatment is working well for the patient. Also, other members in the instillation of hope observe their fellow members that are improving. It is also useful to know that the instillation of hope encourages the therapist to believe in themselves when counseling a group. The corrective emotional experience to me is useful in group work because the therapist uses the concept of the here-and-now method. It is about focusing on what is happening in the present. When the group is working on the here-and-now they can be honest and spontaneity in the moment. Also, group members reflect back on what they just experience. Lastly, the reflecting back is very important to the corrective emotional
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